Fresh Strains Coming in Weekly!

THCa Takeover

Asheville Dispensary

THCa Takeover!

Asheville Dispensary

Fresh Strains Coming In Weekly!
High THCa Hemp Flower

THCa Takeover!

Asheville Dispensary

Fresh Strains Coming In Weekly!
High THCa Hemp Flower

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Store Hours

11 AM – 9 PM
10 AM – 9 PM
10 AM – 10 PM
Get our top-quality, low-priced goods shipped straight to your door.
When in Asheville, come see our unbelievable flagship store and elixir bar!
Here’s how to reach us via phone or email.
THCa Tropical Cookies
THCa Cherry Cake

Tropical Cookies High THCa Hemp Flower

Hybrid Strain

Tropical Cookies THCa will make you alert but won’t overwhelm your senses.
It produces a surge of creativity paired with euphoria and a general sociable mood.
Tropical Cookies tastes like mango and tropical flavors.

Cherry Cake High THCa Hemp Flower

Hybrid Strain

Cherry Cake THCa produces a blissful head high with an inventive, ecstatic, and vigorous feel. It pairs well with daytime activities that require imaginative thinking and an alert mind. The flavor profile has been described as floral and earthy with tangy citrus undertones.

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Herbal Elixir Bar

From the moment you stroll through the Dispensary door and see the locally handcrafted ambrosia maple bartop, our beautiful herbal elixir bar invites you to indulge in conscious consumption and conversation. We welcome you to discover our deliciously healthy mocktails, elixirs, coffee drinks, herbal teas and Hemp / CBD add-ons HERE.

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919 Haywood Road, Suite 111
West Asheville, NC 28806
Mon–Tues 10am–9pm
Wed-Sat 10am-10pm
Sunday 11am–9pm

Online Order Support
+1 (828) 335-9255

Flagship Store Phone
+1 (828) 335-2696
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What our clients say

Kelli Matheny

Just love the look and the vibe at Asheville Dispensary.

AJ Jones

This place is so cool… You gotta check out the full menu.

Brian Duncan

Wide selection from vape to hemp flower and a drink bar… And great prices.


This is the most classy dispensary I’ve seen yet.

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