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Wake up every morning with a fresh perspective. ‘Awaken’ is your
new daily supplement that combines grounding and energizing
ingredients designed to put you on track, immediately.

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Wellness Supplements – Asheville Dispensary

AD Wellness Supplements - Awaken
AD Wellness Supplements – Awaken

Level Up, Every Day

Awaken – 1500MG

Calm the mind and energize the body.

Cannabinoids included

25mg CBD (Cannabidiol) in Satival powder form
25mg CBG (Cannabigerol) in Satival powder form
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with compliant THC

What are Asheville Dispensary Wellness Supplements?

The entire supplement line-up is designed as a simple, daily regimen focused on overall wellness. All capsules should be taken daily in
1-2 capsule servings. Awaken is one part of our four daily supplements. Use in conjunction with the other supplements throughout the
day for best results. These products are not approved by the FDA, and they are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease.

You can learn more about CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids at the Cannabis Academy’s Cannabis 101 Explainer

When should I used AD Wellness Supplements – Awaken?

Take 1-2 capsules in the morning when you wake up to calm your mind and energize your body.

Awaken Effects:

Calm, Energized, Focused


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